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**Truck From Chuck!**


**Rudy's Recovery.**


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Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc., (AWRC) is a non-profit 501(c) educational-based wildlife care facility.  We are dedicated to bringing people and wildlife together to develop a community awareness of the value of our Florida wildlife.  Our ultimate goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and return recovered animals to their natural habitat.


Unfortunately, some of these animals have sustained injuries that limit their return to the wild. In these cases we have set up habitats for them to say with us for the remainder of their lives. If you would like to adopt or send a donation to help care for one of our permanent residents, click here.


Meet our special sponsor!  David Hopps


Must Read: A Truck From Chuck!  Full Story Here.


Rudy's Recovery.  Full Story Here.


Arnolds Butterfly HavenOur new butterfly garden has become such a hit we made a complete website for it.   It is a free roaming 1/2 acre detailed outline of the Zebra Longwing butterfly.


The Eagle Has Landed! Well, Actually Taken off.


Go Ahead, Flock Someone Tonight!


Check Out Our Educational Camps!


Special Thanks to Charlie William's Masonry for donating hurricane den boxes for all the large cats!


Golf Anyone? Players enjoying the earth day golf tournament to benefit the wildlife center.


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Learn more about our upcoming events and recent accomplishments by clicking on the What's Happening link to the left.






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